Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do you regret getting a hair relaxer?

I never had a relaxer for my hair!!

but when I turned 30 I wanted to try something different

and its been about 4 years since and i regret it I hate the condition of my hair. It changed everything!!! Im biracial and i wore my hair natural

up until 30

so my advice to everyone never get a relaxer!!!!

does anyone feel the same.Do you regret getting a hair relaxer?
Oh I'm so sorry to hear that!! Hair relaxers are very damaging to your hair. You should have been consulted and strand tested before it was done. I don't like them either. Try deep conditioners and hot oil treatments. This should help some. Make sure you are getting the dead ends cut every 6-8 weeks, and just try and be gentle with it. Good luck hon, I hope it gets better for you.

Black relaxers on Eurasian hair?

I'm white and Asian with slightly wavy hair. It's pretty fine but I have a lot of it. I want to try a cute bob style, but my hair is too ';big'; for it. I want it to be straighter with a lighter texture, at least in back. Could I try Dark and Lovely, maybe a mild formula? What would that do? I could leave it in for 1/2 the time.Black relaxers on Eurasian hair?
Go to a professional who regularly does relaxers 4 white women, experimenting is a bad idea. A: because it could seriously damage ur hair if it's too strong, especially the kind black women use. B: because it can change ur texture permanently in a way u might not like. C: because there is a lot of extra effort u have to put in 2 take care of it. Once u relax, often u can no longer b wash n go.

What is a good hair relaxer?

I have very curly strawberry chocolatey blonde hair and i like my curls but somtimes it just is too big and drives me a bit crazy. Does anyone know a lotion of cream for your hair that is inexpensive but relaxes uncontrollable hair well?What is a good hair relaxer?
I don't know, but I do know that when we were kids, some of my ex-friends would put butterflies in a ';relaxing'; jar with lighter fluid, and that would kill the butterflies into ';relaxing'; them so pins could be put through their bodies for display!

Hope I helped!
  • old lipstick
  • Will dying my hair affect the relaxer?

    I got my hair chemically straightened about a month ago. I'm pretty sure she just used a relaxer. I'm thinking about buying an at home coloring kit, would this possibly make my hair curly again or are they completely different things?Will dying my hair affect the relaxer?
    it will just change the color of your hair, not the texture. I got a relaxer and a color at the same time and nothing bad happend at all.Will dying my hair affect the relaxer?
    it never affected mine, go for it
    i dont think so
    U may be at risk of your hair falling out.
    you should go to a spa for a hot hair therapy it will do u justice
    Nope, I had one done and then I dyed my hair black and nothing happen. Just try to do a lot of treatments so you dont damage your hair. Good luck!
    if it is simple relaxer then the effect will go off in few days but if it is orpper straithning then it will not affect colouring in any which ways .better be prepaired with good hair relxer and then use colour
    it shouldn't change the texture just the color....but if you have curly hair and you wash it i think your hair may just curl up again.....
    They always tell me to wait 2 wks in between... But take into account what condition your hair is in. If it is really dried out then for a few weeks deep conditioning it. That way you won't have your hair fall out... :)

    What's the best at home hair relaxer?

    I'm white, but have really thick curly hair...Is there anything I can buy at walgreens to make my hair a little straighter, softer and more manageable?What's the best at home hair relaxer?
    The best is SILKY ELEMENTS for course hair make sure it has olive oil with it so it doesnt damage your hair as much,What's the best at home hair relaxer?
    Definitely Optimum! I used to use Soft %26amp; Beautiful Botanicals for every relaxer..i was devoted..then when it seemed like i had new growth 2 weeks later, i knew it was time to switch it up, so 4 weeks ago i tried the Optimum relaxer and it was AMAZING! my hair still looks great :)
    Why walgreens your just asking for your hair to fall out gurl

    Does anyone know hair relaxer (Afro hair) that contains black hair dye?

    I want to relax me hair and bye it black?Does anyone know hair relaxer (Afro hair) that contains black hair dye?
    yeah there is profectiv

    or proactive i think its called,

    the shampoo has black hair rinse in it, but its only temporary

    Hair falling after relaxers?

    i had wavy hairs and i was crazy for straight hairs. So i get relaxers for straighting my hairs permanently. just after few weeks of relaxers, my hairs started falling. Now after 5 months gone, my hairs still falling very fast. I am so tense. what do i do? i had really strong hairs. I am so tense. Please help me. what i can do to stop hair falling?Hair falling after relaxers?
    i want you to go buy some KPAC its made my joico and it comes in a gold bottle and get the reconstructer. you can buy it a a salon or some beauty supply sell it not like sallys but other beauty supplys. its under $20 dollars and i want you to use it every other day instead of your conditioner for a week and then after that only once a week

    and if your stressed that could make your hair fall out or your diet.

    do you flat iron your hair alot? put it up in pony tails alot? things like that will effect your hair. goodluck!!